Robotic arm the first step on this 11th grader's scientific journey

NGHỆ AN — Eleventh-grade student Trần Hữu Phúc is a typical teenager in many ways. Except he's invented a robotic arm, automatic hand washing matching and solar-powered equipment.

The student of  一 一E class, Tương Dướng High School in Tương Dương mountainous district, the central province of Nghệ An, has had a passion for scientific creation since he was small and can sit for hours tinkering away.

After finishing school for the day, Phúc spends most of his time in his small room to research and satisfy his passion for science.

“I have liked the subject since I was small, and started to pay special attention to it since last year,” said Phúc.

Phúc’s table in his room is full of electronic spare parts, just like a mechanic's workshop.

Phúc often searches for information on the internet and in books. His very first product was a rubbish sweeping robot.

Phúc’s interest in science and technology is encouraged by teacher Mai Đình Thịnh.

Thịnh supports Phúc in studying and researching and thanks to his instruction, Phúc’s love for science has only grown.

That’s not all, as Thịnh also gives Phúc financial support to help him buy spare parts to make his creations out of.

Phúc’s family is not rich, but thanks to encouragement from family, friends and teachers, Phúc has made useful things.

One of them is a robot arm, which can support people with a disability or the elderly.

“Phúc has a great passion for science and technology, especially producing robots,” Thịnh said.

Phúc’s products are useful and have practical applications, said Thịnh.

“I hope Phúc’s interests and achievements will be good preparation for him to be strong along his scientific research path,” he said.

Trần Hữu Cầu, Phúc’s father, said when Phúc was small, whenever he got a new toy, he always tried to dismantle it and then put it back together.

Robotic arm the first step on this 11th grader's scientific journey

Sometimes, from a remote-controlled car, Phúc remade it into a ship or a digger.

“Despite difficulties, we will create the best condition for Phúc to chase his dreams,” said Cầu.

Phúc is scheduled to participate in a provincial scientific and technological competition for high school students this month with three products, including a smart robot arm, some solar-powered equipment and an automatic hand washing machine.

He made the latter decision due to the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

Phúc hopes to one day become a good computer progra妹妹er. — VNS